Training – Week Two to Week Six

Week Two – Monday 5 March 2018

This week starts with a 14 km walk today, although it ended up at 13.95 kms (as my chauffeur was waiting to pick me up).

This was a beautiful walk from Whitfords to Scarborough Beach passing the many sandy beaches and coves along the way.  We forget how beautiful our Perth beaches really are when we whiz past them by car!

The rest of the week will be around the road at the mine camp so rather less inspiring than the lovely coastal walks thus far but they are only short recovery walks. I have tried to schedule all the long walks and specialty walks (backpack, hills, sand dunes etc.), for when I am on my days off in Perth.

Our last walk for this week was the first of our hills walks.  Fortunately it was only 4 kms and Ron was able to come with me. Seems ironic to have to drive 38 kms to walk for 4 kms but that is the choice living on the Perth coastal plain. We walked the Macora Walk Trail (or Byford Hills Walk Trail) which is only 2.7 kms but made up the rest to 5 kms getting lost on the way back to the car. It was quite steep ascending 88 metres in just over 100 metres distance and very slippery loose gravel on the way down.  The first time using our walking poles and they were a real asset today.

Top of Macora Hills Walk looking across Perth

Week Three – Monday 12 March 2018

Another 16 km walk today to Scarborough but starting from home although it ended up about 17½ kms in the end.

A couple of short walks around the camp at work and finished off the week with an 8 km walk followed by 4 kms on sand and a few dunes.  The dunes are protected so only had a few we were able to walk up.

2 kilometre loop around the Mine Site camp.

Week Four – Monday 19 March

Another 14 km walk for the start of week four. From home down to Hillary’s Boat Harbour.  I was back from the mine a day early so we completed 9 kms around Lake Joondalup yesterday Friday 23rd March instead of the 6 kms scheduled.  Will replace next Tuesday’s 8 km with today’s 6 km as I will be at work then.  Finished with a 4 km Steps in Kings Park walking Jacob’s Ladder and down around the David Carr Memorial Park nestled between the Mitchell Freeway and Riverside Drive. A hidden gem in the middle of the City with a tranquil lake surrounded by graceful paperbark trees.


Lake Joondalup with it’s abundant bird life

View from Jacobs Ladder in Kings Park, across the Swan River to south Perth

Ron taking a break in the David Carr Memorial Park under the paperbark trees

Week Five – Monday 26 March

This week commenced with another 16 km walk but this time up to the Joondalup shopping centre via the outdoor shop to get some hiking socks and bite valves then back via Whitfords Shopping centre. Not terribly inspiring but was able to combine with a couple of jobs. A couple of small and medium walks at work at the mine this week followed by a 6 km back pack and hills walk around our beautiful inner city park – Kings Park. They have a good long slow hill up to the Synergy Tower as well as a shortish but very steep track the Kokoda track. The back pack and my ‘new’ hydration system worked very well. I’ve attached one end of some clear plastic irrigation tubing from Bunnings to my water bottle and put a bite valve in the opposite end.  No need to reach awkwardly behind for my water bottle but easily able to remove to refill on the go.

Week Six – Monday 2 April

Completed my 18 km walk from home back down to Scarborough Beach – it really is a magnificent coastline.  Not too difficult overall but all on pavement so a bit harder on the feet than normal. My chauffeur was waiting with an ice cold beer to finish it off nicely. I also ran in to a work colleague – I must have looked a sight.

I did a 6km sand / dune & backpack walk today Thursday 5th April. No hiking poles today so I felt the weight of the pack on the sloping beach for the first couple of kilometres.


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