Training – Week Seven to Week Ten

Week 7 – Monday 9 April

This week commences at work on the mine. Several laps around the camp ring road gets me my 7 kms. Tomorrow night a couple more laps for 9 kms.

Green dot is the dining room and the red dot is my room.

Boring as walking the ring road can be we do have some spectacular skies out in the Aussie bush.

20 kms around Bold Park today Sunday 15 April. Bold Park  is one of the largest remaining remnants of bushland in the mostly urban area of the Swan Coastal Plain and covers 437 hectares. It has a huge biodiversity, with over 1000 native and non-native species of flora, fauna and fungi identified. Some great 360 degree views around Perth from the lookout. You don’t need to walk the many trails to get these views as the lookout is at the beginning near the car park. Quite a challenging walk today with not many places to stop and sit which were in the shade. It was a very still day and not a breath of air down along the trails. Total elevation gain was 375 metres. A bit scary when our first day out on the Camino is around 730 metres elevation. Met a couple of young women training with packs and stopped for a chat.  They had completed the Camino Frances in 2014 and were training today for part of the West Australian Bibbulum Track. They were happy to offer some helpful training and packing hints. This was my first meeting with Peregrinas, the name for female Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Lots of uphills today and of course I chose all the more challenging tracks didn’t I!

From the lookout looking towards the Perth City skyscrapers and the hills beyond.

From the lookout towards Rottnest Island

Week 8 – Monday 16 April

On with the backpack again today for 8 kms.  Running short of time this weekend  so just did a couple of times around Cambewarra Drive loop (near where I live).  There are a couple of hills here and a good set of stairs to a lookout which I scaled three times on each loop. A fair workout I think with about 88 steps so over 500 steps.

Saturday 21 April and a 4km walk to footy. Great win by 54 points – go the Dockers.

Last day for this week, Sunday 22 April saw the first of our long backpack walks as we headed to the John Forrest National Park to walk the Eagle View Trail. We commenced our walk at a nice little picnic area by a dammed pool in the river. This pool was built by the unemployed during the depression for a bed and food plus $20 (in today’s value). We encountered some rain at the very beginning so a good opportunity to try out our rain gear. It was a fairly challenging walk made tougher by me getting sick only about 5 kms in. That combined with my GPS showing an accumulated elevation of only 275 metres proved to be quite disheartening. We were left wondering how we would ever be able to complete three or more times that for many of our days on the Camino. When I checked the GPS again later, I was very pleased, almost elated, to see that we had actually climbed an accumulated elevation of 700 metres. Feeling much more confident now! Climbed through lots of rough narrow goat tracks hampered by wash outs, tree roots and boulders. Most of the easier sections we were plagued by ants – gotta love the Aussie bush.

We passed small running streams at the start before we commenced ascending.

The first and easiest of the uphills. Got harder from here but I was not well enough to be bothered with taking any more photos.

View from part way up looking across Perth towards the ocean.

Week 9 – Monday 23 April

Decided not to push too hard today as still recovering from my bout of gastro yesterday and Ron’s first long walk and his first backpack walk. Had a day at home sewing a couple of items for my pack. Also we both had sore feet, (other than the normal everyday sore feet I always have). Fortunately a trip to the podiatrist has already been booked for Thursday so I’ll be flying back from work for that. I’ll give the laps around the camp a miss tonight and wait until we see the podiatrist before resuming our training next week.

Week 10 – Monday 30 April

Well, looks like the major part of my Camino training will now be terminado (finished).  I also have plantar fasciitis the same as Ron. The next few weeks before departure will be concentrating on resting, icing, rolling, stretching and generally just trying to reduce the inflammation as much as possible.  Now after a cortisone injection in my foot and a truckload of strong pain killers from my doctor we can finally be on our way later this week. Talk about cutting it fine. At least without the long training commitments I will have some spare time on my days off work to tidy up a few other loose ends at home before we leave.

My next post should see us on our way.


  • Roseanna and Jim May 16, 2018 at 16:32 Reply

    Have fun guys…hope those feet hold up xo

    • Ron and Susan May 16, 2018 at 16:52 Reply

      Thanks Rosie & Jim, Foot should be fine – Ive got the good drugs.

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