Training Week One

I was lucky enough to be in Burnett Heads (Bundaberg, Queensland) for the past two weeks where I was able to have daily (almost) walks along the beautiful coastline, a great pre-training, training for the Camino (see my post under Grey Nomads – Queensland). We have been caravanning in Augusta (Western Australia) this week which coincides with the  commencement of Alex’s training programme.

The first of my long walks 12 kms, was along the Blackwood River, Augusta on Monday 26th February. The 2 km recovery walk was an easy walk to town on Tuesday for coffee and today another fairly easy 6 kms along the Blackwood River and ocean front.

Sunday we will be back home and ready to take my backpack on it’s first training walk of 4 kms.

Burnett Heads Foreshore

Boardwalk along Blackwood River, Augusta

Well my backpack seemed to handle it’s first walk OK and so did I. I wore it fully loaded 7.2 kg in total.  The fit was perfect and hardly knew I had it on although at the end of the walk it felt like I had done a few more than just 4 kms. Ron pushed our youngest grandson Huxley in the pram so I think my load was actually lighter than his.

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