Day Twenty-four and Twenty-five and Twenty-six – Day in Gijon, Gijón to San Martin de Laspra to El Pitu

Tuesday 12 June 2018

After a big party night last night we spent the day today in Gijon getting hopelesley lost. For some reason neither of us was able to get our sense of direction in this city which we felt was a bit dreary.  We managed to find a supermarket to re-stock our food and update our washing.  This was to be our last rest day before completing the Camino.

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Due to the distance 32.5 kms and industrialised areas we took a train out of town so only walked 25 kms today with an elevation of around 580 metres. Not a particularly inspiring journey today travelling mostly through heavily industrial areas both out of Gijón and into and out of Avilles with not a lot in between. Some massive processing plants even one with a gas flare (in case I was missing Murrin).

The only building of note that we passed through Avilles was the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre. Oscar Miemeyer was a rekniwned Brazilian architect who, in collaboration with other architects designed the headquarters of the United Nations in New York

A couple of small hills before coming in to the beachside town of Salinas gave us our best views so far today.

Then up a small hill to our Albergue in San Martin de  Laspra for tonight. What a lovely building attached to an old church sitting on a ridge between Salinas and the small village of Piedres Blanca. Salinas was a very pleasant fairly large town to walk through passing groups of school students and their teachers on their way to the beach with their surf boards. After taking a wrong turn through town we came across a delightful small bar where we stopped for a drink before heading up the next hill.

Thursday 14 June 2018

We left through the town of Piedres Blanca for a moderately challenging 21 kms with an elevation of 561mettes today to El Pitu.

We walked uphill and along a ridge where there were several exploration sites for some type of mining or quarry. This dam looks like it had copper sulphur in it judging by the colour. We passed a herd of goats which was being very well protected by their guard dog.  No photos as I was rushing past the dog who was growling and barking at us – just doing his job I suppose.

No where to get a drink or food so we stopped on a bench in the teeny village of El Castilla overlooking the estuary.

As we left El Castillo we had a choice between following the coast along the estuary or going up. We were pleased we took the upper route as the view over the estuary flanked by the towns of  San Esteban de Pravda and Barganaz.

The 20 kms turned into around 23 when we missed the path and walked the last 7 kms on highway before finally arriving in El Pitu for the night. A nice hotel which worked out cheaper than the hostel for two of us at only $45 Australian.


  • Mac June 15, 2018 at 06:08 Reply

    How are you & Ron holding up Sue?
    Good to see you had a gas flare to remind you of Murrin LOL.

    • Ron and Susan June 16, 2018 at 02:54 Reply

      Going well Mac and getting better each day. We couldn’t find out what they were processing with the gas flare.
      Did it remind me of Murrin – Yes. Do I miss it – sorry but No! Only all of you guys.

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