Day Nineteen – Pendueles to Llanes

Thursday 7 June 2018

A short walk today of only 14 kms.

Some local had tethered this little beauty to the side of the track and was keeping the grass down on the verges.

The small bars and cafes along the way are always very welcoming to Pilgrims even with our muddy boots, packs and poles stacked in every corner.

The Spanish must have spent a small fortune on their highways towering above us spanning the valleys and hills we climb up and down every day.

Llanes (pronounced Yah-ness) is a large town and we wanted to stop here to find a laundry as we have only been hand washing since Santander, stock up on a few supplies and try to get a doctors appointment for my eyes which I now suspect is not due to allergies.

Llanes is a popular tourist and fishing town nestled between the ocean and Picos Europa mountains.

Unfortunately the low cloud cover prevented views of both the sea and the snow capped mountains. Maybe it will be sunny tomorrow. 

A walk around town this afternoon made it obvious why this is such a popular place for Spanish tourists with its well protected harbour and several pretty coves along the beach.

Three of the ships of the Spanish Armada came from Llanes as well as a number of seamen.

The harbour wall is made up of large painted cubes which are named the Cubes of Memory.

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  • Mary Morrissey June 11, 2018 at 16:06 Reply

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time even with sore feet. Great to follow your adventure on the blog and to look at the photos. Either route is still an amazing feat.

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