Day Nine – Pobena to Castro Urdiales

Monday 28 May 2018

Not a particularly restful night in Pobena last night as s rather small cramped dormitory with the kitchen in the same room.

Todays walk was 22.5 kms with a total ascent of about 520 metres. There was quite a bit of highway walking on this route.

We left Pobena up a rather steep flight of stairs followed by an easy walk along a coastal path.

This led to a disused rail track which was once used to transport iron ore to the ships.

Around the small town of Onton we passed many derelict and overgrown stone buildings.

We walk in to Castro Urdiales along a wide promenade next to the beach.

We still have another several kilometres up and around the headland passing the old Gothic Church of Santa Maria de la Ascuncion which sits in front of the remains of an old Templar castle.

We arrive at the hostel an hour before it opened and enjoyed the wait sitting in the sun chatting to other Pilgrims.

Another fairly cramped hostel but these municipal hostels are all run by volunteers just for the Pilgrims so we are very grateful. It is located next to a bullfighting ring.

Who would have thought we would spot our 30+ year old outdoor setting in a bar in Spain only painted green!


  • alison anderson May 31, 2018 at 06:40 Reply

    Almost old home week here what with old rail line for iron ore and your garden setting. Of course it isn’t shaded by Ronny’s Gazebo to give that “ambience” he likes. Haaaa Haaa!

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