Ningaloo and Cape Range

After a beautiful first week with temperatures around 32 – 34 degrees and lovely cooling afternoon sea breezes the winds changed to easterlies and brought with it hot winds, flies and hot sleepless nights. We spent our days either siting in the ocean getting cool or fishing so can’t complain.

The uncomfortable days were however short lived as the remnants of the weather system from ex-tropical cyclone Veronica hit us with a windy night and a good downpour. Buckets and tubs were all out to collect the fresh rainwater allowing us to put off a trip to town for an extra day or so.

Spectacular Sunset over the ocean just before the rain hit

Thomas and Sally (de Sousa) left for Carnarvon early Tuesday morning for their grandson’s first birthday but we were joined on Monday by Barbie’s sister Helen and husband Greg.

We spent a good deal of time and a couple of trips to Exmouth trying to sort out our 12 v electrics. It was all fine when we left home but for some reason we kept losing voltage. We have certainly kept the Exmouth economy buoyant this week. It is working much better now being able to run the Engel a few hours a day and water pump working for showers. Although not at 100%, enough to make it relatively comfortable for the remainder of our stay. The people of Exmouth certainly go out of their way to try to help.

Exmouth is well set up to cater for the tourists and Grey Nomads. The Ningaloo Information centre in town is one of the best I have come across in country Australia. They have an area to charge electronic devices and wi-fi and friendly helpful staff as well as very informative displays on the marine life and history of the area.

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it’s off fishing we all go.
Barnacle Barbie pulling in another one

Barbie has been renamed Barnacle Barbie – if she stays in the water any longer she will grow barnacles. Should have been a mermaid but it doesn’t really rhyme.

A couple of nice Spangled Emperor for dinner. John’s is the big one, mine are the other two.

It is usually too hot at this time of year to hike through the Gorges but with a cloudy, damp and a bit cooler morning we decided to drive down to Yardie Creek and take advantage of the cooler weather . Although only a 2.5 km return trip there were a couple of fairly steep rocky sections to scale. We were well rewarded with spectacular views over the gorges, along Yardie Creek and out to the ocean beyond.

Finally, this week the winds swung back to a westerly direction with the cooling sea breezes. A few more fishing expeditions where I was lucky enough to catch a couple of nice sized Spangled Emperor. Ron hooked up to a Black Tipped Reef shark just over a meter long. It gave him a good fight but when he got it to the shoreline I didn’t know who was going to come off best.

With his usual Steve Irwin antics, Ron jumped off the small but slippery rock ledge, grabbed the shark by the tail trying to wrestle it on to the rock ledge above and embedded the second hook on his line in his own arm. Now the shark had hooked Ron. If the shark gotten away, he would have well and truly embedded the hook into Ron’s arm. I jumped down to de-hook Ron and just as I climbed back up the rocks, he heaved the shark up behind me almost taking my legs out from under me. I jumped back and hit John in the head with my rod. Only when you don’t have a camera running! Ron removed the hook and let the shark go.

Just a very small sample of the marine life we saw. (These are not my photos)


  • Yvonne Fahl April 2, 2019 at 15:39 Reply

    Seems like a good holiday, with varying weather conditions.

  • Egon Konig April 2, 2019 at 12:58 Reply

    Hi Ron and Sue

  • Egon Konig April 2, 2019 at 12:55 Reply

    You guys sure never have a dull moment, looks like Ron got off very lightly with his Shark on the end of the line. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Regards Egon

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