Caminho Portuguese

Yes, already planning another Camino walk for this year 2019. We have decided to walk the Portuguese Camino or Caminho in Portuguese. The route is approximately 650 kms from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. We leave Perth on 22nd April with a two day stopover in Madrid where we will be catching up with our friend Genevieve before catching a train to Lisbon.

The Portuguese Caminho from Porto to Santiago de Compostela is another very popular Camino and is the second most travelled Camino with around 48,000 pilgrims passing this way. This route goes back millennia following Pagan, Celtic, Roman, Isamic and Christian cultures. The 250 km route commencing in Porto is the typical starting point for most pilgrims while the route from Lisbon, 650 kms is less travelled. The Caminho Portuguese is rich in cultural and archaeological heritage.

There are a number of options to choose from on the Portuguese Caminho. The historic Central Caminho from Lisbon via Tomar, Coimbra and Porto before going through Tui and crossing in to Galicia in Spain.

Alternate routes to the Central Caminho from Porto include the Caminho da Costa (coastal) and the Senda Litoral (path along the sea). From the Caminho da Costa you can cross from Vigo to rejoin the Camihno Central at Redondela if you wish.

Our plan is to walk the Central Caminho from Lisbon to Porto then taking the Caminho da Costa to Vigo before rejoining the Caminho Central at Redondela.
However, as we learned from our first Camino in 2018, the Camino will direct us as we go.

Follow our blog posts (below) from April 2019 to see our journey on the Caminho Portuguese. Posts on Madrid and Lisbon can found on the menu pathway Europe – Spain or Portugal


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