Bad Goisern to Hallstatt

Wednesday 25 July 2018

I was steeling myself for a scary drive up high mountains but thanks to the Austrian authorities the roads were mostly built through the valleys.

First night in Austria is a short overnighter in Bad Goisern on our way to Hallstatt. We arrived at our small apartment with time to shop and cook dinner and the next morning woke up surrounded by these amazing views over mountains shrouded in clouds. 

A short 15 kms to our accommodation in Obertraun which is across the Halstatter See (lake) from Hallstatt. Accommodation is a lot more reasonable here and it is a lot less crowded than in Hallstatt. A short tranquil boat ride across the lake and we arrived for the day.

Left: Our Hotel in Obertraun. Right: coming into Hallstatt

All the boats on the lake seem to be driven by electric motors which maintains such a tranquil atmosphere here.

The houses here appear to be stacked on top of each other up the side of the mountain.

After a drink stop in the market square we headed to the funicular for our salt mine tour and incredible views.

Archaeologists have discovered that salt had been extracted from this area as far back as 7,000 years when they used deer antlers as tools. The worlds oldest staircase, pieced together by archaeological teams was built here. It has been dated back to 13th Century BC. 

We slid down a couple of long wooden miner’s slides to a depth of 450 metres below the surface. Couldn’t help thinking how much our grandsons would have loved this. We felt like prison inmates dressed in the standard issue clothing. Ron was lying down to try to get up some more speed – of course he was!

After being treated to a couple of films and a light show we were transported back to the mine entrance by an old rail cart.

If you come to the area a Salzwelten (salt mine) tour is a definite must. Both informative and fun. Breakfast over the lake before heading off to Salzburg.

You really need a week here to enjoy the hiking, fishing and water sports.

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