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Not all the menu items have content just yet but pop back now and then to see  our stories grow.

Why – create a website?

Very close friends of mine recently spent time overseas and they kindly kept me up to date with all their adventures via What’s App.  Terrific  I thought!  Until the messages kept beeping me at 2:00 am (I get up at 4:30 am for work).

This was the catalyst to start a simple website as a means for my family and friends to keep up to date with our first Camino de Santiago and our travels around Europe. If they choose to and at a time which is convenient to them.

Whilst researching our trip, I found so much useful information about walking the Camino de Santiago on other pilgrim’s websites and blogs. Packing, gear, training, accommodation and just about everything else Camino related.

I  felt rather fortunate to have access to all this very useful information and thought it was somewhat selfish of me not to pass on my own experiences or tips which may be helpful to others.

Well, it just kept growing from there didn’t it and now it seems I have a blog.  I really didn’t even  know what a blog was a few months ago.

What –  is a Walkabout and who are Grey Nomads?

If you’re not an Aussie then you may not know about the term Walkabout.  Ever heard of Crocodile Dundee and Walkabout Creek?  Walkabout is an Australian aboriginal term. It is a period of time when adolescent males undertake a journey and live in the wilderness for as long as six months, to make the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood. In modern times it has become a common Australian term for taking off on a long walk or trip.

Another term on this website is ‘Grey Nomads‘.  This is also an Australian term given to retirees who take off and travel around the country, mostly in their caravans.  We have spent quite a bit of time living in caravans over the early years of our marriage and as my retirement draws near we are hoping to do a lot more caravanning (but without the working bit), so I have included this in our menu for the future.

Who –  are the Watsons

We were married in 1973 in Queensland so will be celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary somewhere on the Camino Primitivo. Not that young to be commencing our first Camino but looking forward to the challenge and trying to prepare as best we can.

I am originally from Brisbane in Queensland and Ron from Gloucester in New South Wales. We now live in the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia.  I have tried to feature a few photos of Perth and surrounding areas in my training blogs. I am hoping to post a u-tube video of our training walks around Perth in the coming weeks. Check it out on the right hand side of this site.

We have three children, two boys and one daughter. Our two adorable grandsons are different as chalk and cheese. Little Huxley just 2½ years old idolises his older cousin Dave nearly 12 years and taller than me. Okay, I’m only 5 ft 1½ in but he is still the tallest in his class.

Ron loves reading every newspaper ever printed from cover to cover and enjoys fishing and cray fishing with his brother nearly as much.

I play the piano in my spare time but not a lot of  that lately while training for the Camino. I have a twin sister Alison who lives in Burnett Heads just outside Bundaberg in Queensland and is, I think, a rather talented amateur photographer.

I am an AFL Dockers member (Australian Football League) and I let Ron, who is a Geelong supporter come along to the games with me if he behaves. I work away from home at a Mine Site about 900 kms away from Perth and fly to work on a Tuesday morning and back home on Friday night. Ron has been retired for just over a year now and I am looking forward to joining him in the next year or so. A few photos of our gang are below.



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